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The New Rules of Marketing and PR – Chapter 9

A great website is considered one that is content-rich.  Is more always better?  Are there exceptions? http://bit.ly/3Grod6


The New Rules of Marketing and PR – Chapter 8

How successful are companies when planning viral marketing campaigns?  What are some current success stories? http://bit.ly/3Grod6

Tagging and Why It Matters

What are some of the most significant changes tagging systems have gone through to this day? http://bit.ly/FzBxN

The New Wisdom of the Web

YouTube & craigslist have been successful with small staffs.  Are small staffs the norm on the “live” web? http://bit.ly/BJce7

Template for Social Media Press Release

What technique would be more effective in news releases, the use of quotes from corporate executives or customers? http://bit.ly/31IJUf

Podcasting: ‘Significant Growth by 2010’

Other than costs, what are some of the main reasons podcasting has been slow in gaining popularity? http://bit.ly/i0lnz

Podcasting Goes Mainstream

What are the steps to hosting a podcast on a blog?  How common in this practice? http://bit.ly/lrWWo